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01:03am 28/10/2010
mood: creative
So I officially signed up for NaNoWriMo. I can give you the name iffen you wanna.

Also: rewatching Disney's Beauty and the Beast brings up troubling things.
How big of an asshole does an orphaned or possibly abandoned eleven year old have to be that an Enchantress transforms him into a beast? What the hell happened to his parents? Is he in the spare castle, like in La Belle Et La Bete? Also, why don't the townsfolk (who are apparently only a brisk walk in angry mob formation away) question what happened to the castle and its inhabitants that was there ten years ago? Speaking of angry mobs, a disturbingly high number of them appear to be dead at the end of the battle, including one guy who appears to be eaten by a trunk in a possible Discworld reference. And why is there an insane asylum so close to the "poor Provencal town" that not only is the director familiar enough with Gaston to accept his bribe but also knowledgeable of Maurice's behavior patterns and able to judge them harmless?" The director is unscrupulous as all hell but how does he have any business in a town that small? Why is there a need? Most importantly: why did I think 21 was "old enough" to find true love? It's still a fun movie but I wasn't nearly as blindly accepting of the story as I probably should have been.

But yeah... novel writing: I will do it!!
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No One Bends Time and Space like Gaston!   
11:12pm 20/10/2010
mood: nerdy
via: i09

A Thai animation company's frame for frame rip off of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Gaston doesn't move like anything... natural.

Here there be ruined childhoodCollapse )
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General Crazy   
07:19pm 03/10/2010
mood: blah
Things are going generally good but I still have been feeling slightly stir crazy for no apparent reason lately.
I dislike feeling this restless without any clear way to scratch the itch, so to speak. Because of this I am considering what are probably foolhardy and unrecommended courses of action.
I am currently bandying about the idea of doing NaNoWriMo. This is crazy for many reasons, not least of which is that I am lazy and have never done something like this before. Granted, these are not good excuses but really fears. I know I'm OCD enough to make it work if I put my mind to it. I'm also wondering about logistics. How will I write over Thanksgiving? Is that kind of a loss going to be that big of a deal breaker? Should I go ahead and get a cute little laptop?
I'm also considering cooking to be a possible outlet. This gets weird when I mainly release the creative spirit on weekdays after work to put something on the table. On the other hand this suits my creative personality perfectly. When I knit, I tend to be a "gift knitter" as I give most things away. I have gained the experience, made someone happy with the product, and can move onto the next thing without regrets or worrying about mistakes made on old products. Sometimes the creations don't always turn out right (inedible pasta carbonara, bleeding beef, holey mismatched weird knitted stuff) but I can always start anew soon.
Last on the list of things I'm unsure that I should do is buy stuff. Not indiscriminately, but stuff like maybe new computery things, or books, or DVDs. Just stuff that'd be fun to play with and distract me for a while.
In the meantime I intend to devour books and think very hard about the wedding and the fact that we're rapidly approaching the 6 month mark.
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Odd literary craving   
10:24pm 08/06/2010
mood: geeky
I have a strong desire to read Emily Dickinson's poetry. As much of it as I can get in order to be completely informed. Possibly a biography to further the study.
I HATE poetry! At least, reading it and attempting to gather Deep Meaning. (Writing it as a challenge of wordplay to fit prescribed meters is a lot of fun, though perhaps not as sentimental.)
I don't know why this has come upon me so suddenly. Perhaps this is maturity? Or maybe just more restless book lust.
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11:55pm 07/06/2010
  I have a very unusual problem: I currently have no idea what I want to read.
Sure, I'm currently many pages into two books that in theory should be interesting, but they aren't sucking me in. What's worse, I don't even know what genre I should try next to try and satisfy this itch. I have a few dozen books that are concrete to read list, as I have bought them or taken them from their cozy existence on the bookshelf to gather dust near the bed.

I'm sure something will break this eventually, but right now I'm still looking.
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The Bestest Gatsy   
10:02pm 21/04/2010
mood: amused
The latest Hark! A vagrant! makes reading the Great Gatsy in high school!

This should be the chaser for all high schoolers required to read it.
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04:39pm 06/03/2010
mood: accomplished
I have been super aspirational lately.

I just finished going through a ton of papers and filling up the shredder twice (not to mention the bag of non-sensitive stuff that will be making friends with the garbage man). I have put together lots of stuff that is definitely scrap book fodder, and made plans to seriously at least start on making scrap books heavy on the nostalgic scraps and light on pastel ric-rak.

In addition to further cleaning and organizing my desk I've set my sights on achieving other minor feats. I'm trying to read through as many books we either already own with emphasis on what's next to my bedside table before buying new ones. I'm super interested in having a small garden in the back yard, if only to grow some herbs and hard to kill, easy to take care of things. I'm slowly taking advantage of Netflix streaming for my classic movie needs (A Touch of Evil and His Girl Friday having been watched while the Red Shoes, All About Eve, Metropolis, M, Amadeus, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Third Man, and Diabolique are in queue). I've finally hit upon another idea to layer on my Jane Eyre as basic for superhero story that's been rattling around in my brainmeats for a while. I'm seriously contemplating exercising again because I miss feeling strong even if that means waking up early to do so. Not to mention unpacking, making the yard look like humans are tending it, organizing and cleaning my clothes, buying a new pair of walking shoes, making doctors appointments, and buying gifts for the newly weds and graduates in my near future.

I wonder if this is a case of wide spread Spring Cleaning or the equivalent of cleaning your dorm room during finals season brought on my the wedding.
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Just something in my eye ::sniffle::   
09:16pm 25/02/2010
mood: excited
I am going to powerless in the face of this movie:

Nothing makes me sob faster than a dead dreamer and there are both dreamers and dead people abound in the promised film.

Also: OMG my childhood yay!
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Link heavy rage   
12:50am 24/02/2010
mood: RAGE


Bob Marshall apparently thinks Christians want to contradict Jesus what with the supernatural punishment for their perceived sins and all.

Then again he probably finds no irony in a ATM at church.

When the secular humanist agnostic can theologically prove your sorry ass venom fueled hate mongering bullshit inconsistent with the teachings you profess to follow you might have a problem. A problem called Religious Justification: UR DOIN IT WRONG!*

*If he can point me to the part of the gospels (ya know, the part that the cited Christians are supposed to base their religion off of) where Jesus says "oh yeah, you mess up your first born and God will totes punish you through your subsequent children and whatever disorders they may have" I will declare myself stood corrected.
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Creative outlit is go!   
12:07am 24/02/2010
mood: quixotic
So today was not exceptionally exciting.

I went to work, came home, made dinner, did dishes, garbage as it's garbage day and watched Lost as it is Lost day.

I'm trying to be better about writing regularly because I liked what it did to my writerly "voice" when I was writing often.

I also enjoy the fantasy that one day I'll write something a bit more concrete then just a navel gazing blog. It seems that the dream for now might go unrealized as I have work to keep up with, a wedding to plan, various million other things that I "should" do (more laundry, more cooking, better cooking, plant a garden, exercise more, cook healthier, save money, organize my desk, read the "classics," read the "new classics," read the "classics" I didn't like again until I like them, watch the "classics," start crafting more, be more feminine) and Guilder to frame. And yet...
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I'm not dead yet!   
11:15pm 19/02/2010
mood: artistic
So a bunch has happened since I've reposted stuff for other corners of the internet.

For example, I am now affianced! I am engaged like a command order by Picard! And it's super weird. I had to navigate the waters of post-facebook engagment announcements (call everyone possible even if it causes you to call a friend and think he is your uncle because your brain is just that fried) and now have to navigate meatspace preparations. Aside from location and date the one thing I know for certain is that I want a pair of Ruby Slippers to dance in on my wedding day. If my family truly wants me to adopt an Industrial Bride Complex and pretend that it is My Day and I'm not madly trying to please all my relatives and relatives to be then they best start by getting me the shoes I have coveted since I was three. Or let me get a headdress like Ozma.

Comment to be added to a "wedding planning ZOMG!" filter so that only those who want to know will be tormented thusly.

Moving right along...

I was in the Mikado as a member of the men's chorus. We got a passive aggressive note on the door due to last cast party, my first ever.

I survived not only Xmas and New Year's but also Valentine's Day and Presidents' day in style.

I feel I need a creative output to keep me sane but I can't seem to settle on any one thing. It's the craft equivalent of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. Come to think of it, I do this with books and movies too. Usually not reading a book right away can be justified by mood, but not knitting up some wool I have into a simple scarf or hat rather than a complicated one because I feel it is below the yarn does not quite justify the practice.

I started playing Wii fit to start doing yoga again. I am horrible at the balance games. I also am starting to wonder if my body is a bit whacked out on the right side as a matter of course given my to the right center of balance, slightly larger right foot and astigmatism in my right eye. If my right brain is weird as well this could explain my crazy imagination and the super epic dreams that come with it. or would my left brain be the weird one given that it has to compensate for my slightly monstrous right side?

At any rate I hope to start updating this thing more often. Maybe that can be a creative outlet.
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Sagan Man!   
09:28pm 16/11/2009
mood: geeky
I do this from time to time.

picture behind cutCollapse )
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09:57pm 17/10/2009
mood: pissed off
Sorry if you already saw this but Prop 8 lawyer doesn't know how allowing gay marriage will destroy "opposite" marriage. Hmmm.

Also: someone forgets that non married people can reproduce, marriage does not automatically mean child-producing, and that it isn't 1950 anymore: Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana.

Something tells me these are interconnected to an ideal that never really was. I'm going to go watch old movies and plot a Rorschach of Watchmen fame Halloween costume until I feel better.
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I am not making this up   
08:59pm 08/10/2009
mood: pissed off
Even wander into a library and think how wonderful it would be to shut that shit down and be known as bag of feces all over the internet? No? Then you are not this guy. He apparently delights in making poor children cry.

I can only hope that being exposed as such on the internet will create wonderful, wonderful karma.

More info

PS If the town had an internet fund raiser where I would get a T-shirt if I gave some money, I would totes get 10 of them.
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10:43pm 28/09/2009
mood: geeky
Somewhere in between watching a documentary on Helvetica and choosing to read Beowulf over supernatural sex and violence novels I turned into the Most Boring Person On The Planet! I hope it will pass soon.

(also: Beowulf is about 2 pages of fighting and killing the monster to 27 pages of having loot piled on you for killing the monster. Then there are songs and drinking for another 10 pages. I fail at poetry.)

Beowulf kills dude
Then gets rings from Hrothgar*
Geats be crazy, yo.

*pronounced "HUA-roth-gar" in my head due to my reading of translation notes.
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Holy Crap!   
09:49pm 14/09/2009
  Fresh Muppets on youtube!!!


Bonus: a version of Danny Boy that will make you cry! With Joy!
MeepMeepMeeeeeeeep!!!Collapse )
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Summer Summary   
11:38pm 13/09/2009
  I have apparently been too busy attending the weddings of my Boyfriend's friends to update all summer.

I suppose that this lines up nicely with my feeling creatively drained of late and being more in the mood for passive intake of the internet instead of active participation.

It could also be because I discovered Plants vs. Zombies.

Or that I've been playing too much Rock Band.

I've been feeling in need of a creative project lately. I've decided to try NaNoWriMo. I will probably go mad and then develop carpal tunnel. I will probably not make it as that is when The Holidays start up in truth. But it will be worth a shot.

How've things been out on the Internets?
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01:16am 16/06/2009
mood: thoughtful
How is it that I own a copy of Garden State but not When Harry Met Sally?

Or for that matter, many movies I have enjoyed that have actual merit beyond their soundtrack and Natalie Portman in a pink sweat shirt?
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And thus the great craftign cycle continues...   
11:28pm 01/06/2009
mood: creatively impotent
So I became enamored of making things with my hands at Maker Fair, so I got myself a spindle and some basic stuff to start with.

ZOMG so frustrating! It's too fat and too thin and too loose and too tightly wound all at the same time over spaces of two inches. Not very encouraging.

Anyone out there a spinner? Able to spin with a drop spindle? Advice for a n00b?

I will feel better tomorrow when I have both Bison tacos to make and Sims 3 to play.
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11:20pm 18/05/2009
mood: angry
It should not be this hard to get a computer!

Maybe third time's the charm.

I feel like a kid who received a punch in the face for Christmas.
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