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I'm not dead yet!

So a bunch has happened since I've reposted stuff for other corners of the internet.

For example, I am now affianced! I am engaged like a command order by Picard! And it's super weird. I had to navigate the waters of post-facebook engagment announcements (call everyone possible even if it causes you to call a friend and think he is your uncle because your brain is just that fried) and now have to navigate meatspace preparations. Aside from location and date the one thing I know for certain is that I want a pair of Ruby Slippers to dance in on my wedding day. If my family truly wants me to adopt an Industrial Bride Complex and pretend that it is My Day and I'm not madly trying to please all my relatives and relatives to be then they best start by getting me the shoes I have coveted since I was three. Or let me get a headdress like Ozma.

Comment to be added to a "wedding planning ZOMG!" filter so that only those who want to know will be tormented thusly.

Moving right along...

I was in the Mikado as a member of the men's chorus. We got a passive aggressive note on the door due to last cast party, my first ever.

I survived not only Xmas and New Year's but also Valentine's Day and Presidents' day in style.

I feel I need a creative output to keep me sane but I can't seem to settle on any one thing. It's the craft equivalent of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. Come to think of it, I do this with books and movies too. Usually not reading a book right away can be justified by mood, but not knitting up some wool I have into a simple scarf or hat rather than a complicated one because I feel it is below the yarn does not quite justify the practice.

I started playing Wii fit to start doing yoga again. I am horrible at the balance games. I also am starting to wonder if my body is a bit whacked out on the right side as a matter of course given my to the right center of balance, slightly larger right foot and astigmatism in my right eye. If my right brain is weird as well this could explain my crazy imagination and the super epic dreams that come with it. or would my left brain be the weird one given that it has to compensate for my slightly monstrous right side?

At any rate I hope to start updating this thing more often. Maybe that can be a creative outlet.
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