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Creative outlit is go!

So today was not exceptionally exciting.

I went to work, came home, made dinner, did dishes, garbage as it's garbage day and watched Lost as it is Lost day.

I'm trying to be better about writing regularly because I liked what it did to my writerly "voice" when I was writing often.

I also enjoy the fantasy that one day I'll write something a bit more concrete then just a navel gazing blog. It seems that the dream for now might go unrealized as I have work to keep up with, a wedding to plan, various million other things that I "should" do (more laundry, more cooking, better cooking, plant a garden, exercise more, cook healthier, save money, organize my desk, read the "classics," read the "new classics," read the "classics" I didn't like again until I like them, watch the "classics," start crafting more, be more feminine) and Guilder to frame. And yet...
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