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And thus the great craftign cycle continues...

So I became enamored of making things with my hands at Maker Fair, so I got myself a spindle and some basic stuff to start with.

ZOMG so frustrating! It's too fat and too thin and too loose and too tightly wound all at the same time over spaces of two inches. Not very encouraging.

Anyone out there a spinner? Able to spin with a drop spindle? Advice for a n00b?

I will feel better tomorrow when I have both Bison tacos to make and Sims 3 to play.
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strangely enough, I HAVE used a drop spindle. It took me about two weeks to get the hang of it, and then I promptly left the ice. Just gotta get used to it D:

I is completely unhelpful!

In other news, long time no communication. How goes?
As I suspected, though didn't want to admit on the spindle. Ah well, time and practice have gotten me other skills, so I'll just have to keep going.

Things have been going okay. Too much work and other things and all the while I'm missing a Spring or Summer break. Or just a few days put together to waste time to my heart's consent.

How about yourself?
same old same old. new state.

heading to thailand in a couple weeks, which should spice things up a bit