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I have been super aspirational lately.

I just finished going through a ton of papers and filling up the shredder twice (not to mention the bag of non-sensitive stuff that will be making friends with the garbage man). I have put together lots of stuff that is definitely scrap book fodder, and made plans to seriously at least start on making scrap books heavy on the nostalgic scraps and light on pastel ric-rak.

In addition to further cleaning and organizing my desk I've set my sights on achieving other minor feats. I'm trying to read through as many books we either already own with emphasis on what's next to my bedside table before buying new ones. I'm super interested in having a small garden in the back yard, if only to grow some herbs and hard to kill, easy to take care of things. I'm slowly taking advantage of Netflix streaming for my classic movie needs (A Touch of Evil and His Girl Friday having been watched while the Red Shoes, All About Eve, Metropolis, M, Amadeus, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Third Man, and Diabolique are in queue). I've finally hit upon another idea to layer on my Jane Eyre as basic for superhero story that's been rattling around in my brainmeats for a while. I'm seriously contemplating exercising again because I miss feeling strong even if that means waking up early to do so. Not to mention unpacking, making the yard look like humans are tending it, organizing and cleaning my clothes, buying a new pair of walking shoes, making doctors appointments, and buying gifts for the newly weds and graduates in my near future.

I wonder if this is a case of wide spread Spring Cleaning or the equivalent of cleaning your dorm room during finals season brought on my the wedding.
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