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So I officially signed up for NaNoWriMo. I can give you the name iffen you wanna.

Also: rewatching Disney's Beauty and the Beast brings up troubling things.
How big of an asshole does an orphaned or possibly abandoned eleven year old have to be that an Enchantress transforms him into a beast? What the hell happened to his parents? Is he in the spare castle, like in La Belle Et La Bete? Also, why don't the townsfolk (who are apparently only a brisk walk in angry mob formation away) question what happened to the castle and its inhabitants that was there ten years ago? Speaking of angry mobs, a disturbingly high number of them appear to be dead at the end of the battle, including one guy who appears to be eaten by a trunk in a possible Discworld reference. And why is there an insane asylum so close to the "poor Provencal town" that not only is the director familiar enough with Gaston to accept his bribe but also knowledgeable of Maurice's behavior patterns and able to judge them harmless?" The director is unscrupulous as all hell but how does he have any business in a town that small? Why is there a need? Most importantly: why did I think 21 was "old enough" to find true love? It's still a fun movie but I wasn't nearly as blindly accepting of the story as I probably should have been.

But yeah... novel writing: I will do it!!
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I highly recommend attending the various write-ins. I believe it to be one of the reasons the bay area has such a high success rate. Also, they're a good group of folk. Have fun!
yaaaay we will nanowrimo together! I am jolieperruche, very creatively, who are you?
I'm IrisMacKraken to mix my handle up a bit. I'll have to add you as a writing buddy on the forums.